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About Millani

For the past 10 years, Millani has become the partner of choice for institutional investors, both asset owners and managers. By providing advisory services on integrating material ESG issues into their investment strategies and decision-making processes, we help our clients reduce risks, increase returns, and create value. Today, Millani is also leveraging this expertise and its experience in sustainability consulting to help reporting issuers improve their ESG disclosure to investors and optimize their market value.

Millani’s success is founded on a bespoke, client-centric approach that focuses on material issues, practical implementation, and independent advice. Our extensive capital market experience and unparalleled expertise in ESG and its connection to value creation position Millani at the nexus between investors and companies, making us unique in the Canadian market.

Millani provides advisory services on ESG integration to both investors and companies.

Your ESG integration partner in capital markets. 

Our vision

Our vision is a world where addressing material environmental, social, and governance issues is just good business.

Our mission

Our mission is to inform, advise, and assist investors and companies in integrating ESG issues to reduce risks and create value, through capital market experience and independent advice.

Our values


We conduct ourselves with honour, professionalism, and honesty with our clients and other valued stakeholders.



We foster a team approach, working together and with other professionals and with clients to offer the best available knowledge and solutions.


Mutual respect

We create a safe space for a variety of voices, backgrounds, and perspectives to be shared, with the belief that knowledge sharing leads to better decisions and actions.


We strive to provide highly value-added services that build long-term relationships with our clients and other valued stakeholders.


Why focus on ESG integration? 

Capital markets are increasingly integrating environmental, social, and governance factors (ESG) to investment and capital allocation decisions, in order to better manage risks and generate better returns.


This evolution in fundamental analysis is likely to affect companies’ market value and their ability to access capital: there’s an opportunity for them to create value by talking to investors about how they integrate ESG.

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