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Clean 16 & Clean 50 2017

I write as I come off one of the most engaging experiences I've had in a number of years.  On Thursday, September 22, 2016, I was pleased to be honoured as one of Canada's 2017 Clean 50 Leaders and as the Clean 16 Leader in Canada's Consulting sector.

Canada's Clean 50 and Clean 16 are annual awards offered by Delta Management Group in Toronto, which honour and connect leaders from across the country for their contribution to sustainability and clean capitalism.

It was a fantastic and inspiring day.  It was spent in the company of other honourees, together with past alumni and other special guests.  It was a unique experience to get away from our day-to-day work and to actually meet and discuss possible collaborations and ways that we might be able to work together, to drive further each of our individual efforts.  I found it very interesting to learn about the number of initiatives that are happening across this country and just how many people and organizations, are truly moving to find solutions and to move to a sustainable business model.

I've been feeling for awhile that we've crossed the tipping point regarding considering environmental, social and governance (ESG)  issues in the investing community, and this event underlined for me the opportunities that lie in front of us as Canadians.  There are so many people and organizations that are working to innovate and create change.  I look forward to being a continued part of these efforts.

Yes, those of us in attendance were the lucky ones, to be able to find new opportunities for partnerships and to have additional impact.  I truly feel a sense of responsibility after receiving this honour, that I must now find new ways to advance these issues for and with other Canadians, and also around the globe.

Thank you Gavin Pitchford and your team at Delta Management for this honour and this gift of new inspiration and alliances.



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