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What are the direct implications of Canada's Expert Panel's

Report on Sustainable Finance on market participants?

Approximately one month ago, the Canadian Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance released its final report, to which we had provided our preliminary commentary at the time. 

Recently we were asked to present a summary of the report to an industry association and in doing so, we created an overview of the direct impacts that we felt the Expert Panel's recommendations would have on our main stakeholders - Asset Owners, Asset Managers and publicly-listed companies. 

So what are those direct impacts?  Below you'll find our interpretation the impacts of each of the recommendations based upon a low, medium and high rating.   

One important element in the report  is how each recommendation and various sub-recommendations, provide a potential lead for action.  This is particularly important given that we in Canada, are heading into a federal election in the next few months.  We at Millani actually wondered if these recommendations would ever see the light of day given the timing of the final report.  It's been confirmed that the panel was aware of this concern in the market, and by offering leads, ensured that their recommendations could be picked up by any party that comes into power.  We commend their strategy, as we  are aware of a number of these initiatives that have already taken on a life of their own.

Should you be interested to learn more about our rationale for these ratings, please reach out to discuss or to receive a copy of our more in-depth report. 


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