At Millani, we transform businesses into success stories.


We work with our clients to fully understand their businesses, challenges, and vision. We put them at the center of everything we do and partner with them to deliver truly innovative solutions.


We have one aim and one goal – to be our clients' best partner. 

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Financial Stakeholders
Integrate ESG into investment decisions and processes

Develop an ESG integration strategy, create a Responsible Investment Policy, report to the UN PRI or integrate ESG issues into your analysis and selection processes.

Improve ESG disclosures to financial stakeholders

Identify and articulate your financially material ESG issues, develop a strategy to disclose ESG information & engage investors, and initiate TCFD reporting.

Prioritise ESG governance and oversight

Communicate material ESG issues to investors, educate Board members on ESG and build skills for integrating ESG into business segments.

Capital market participants
Incorporate ESG into business lines  

Integrate ESG into your business segments, analyse peer performance, develop an integration action plan and train analysts on ESG integration.

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Millani is one of the experts in ecoresponsible business practices listed with Fonds Écoleader.


As such, our services could be financed as part of a project submitted to the Fonds Écoleader’s financing program. 


To consult the Fonds Écoleader's webpage, click here.

To consult the services Millani can provide that are eligible for the Fond Écoleader's financing program, click here.