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The Missing Link - TEDxMontreal Women

It's been an exciting few days.  Early in 2016, I was honoured to be invited to share my work and career path through a TED-like talk at TEDxMontreal Women.  It came live last Friday, January 20, 2017 and here it is:

What a journey it has been.  

Firstly, I've been working the responsible investing and sustainability arena for well over 9 years now, and there is just so much information that seem to have stored over that time.  The biggest challenge was to get this information into an 18 minute text.  

Given the number of issues that sustainability touches and the sensitivity and divisiveness that these issues can bring between individuals, companies and investors, I realized from early on that my goal was to bring people together through shared knowledge.

Ultimately, I hope that I've achieve this.  I hope that we can all see that if we're going to have economic prosperity, we need to stop pointing fingers at others. We're all in this together, we're all involved and we can all do something.    Solutions can be found by building constructive dialogue and engagement with one another.  And that one powerful way to do that, is to speak with our money.  It's said that money rules the world.  But who rules the money?  We all do.  

Let's use our voices to communicate, dialogue and engage with each other about these important issues that are changing the way we work, play and create economic value.


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